Privacy Policy

Kirwan & Kirwan Solicitors respects your right to privacy. The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to outline our  practices in this area such as how we collect data and the uses to which such data may be put.

By using this website you signify your express acceptance of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of this website only. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites. If you do not agree with any aspect of the Privacy Policy please discontinue use of the website.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Each time you use this website you shall be bound by the then current Privacy Policy and accordingly you should review the Privacy Policy each time you use this website. Please note that communication via the internet and sending information to you necessarily involves your personal information passing through or being handled by third-parties. We cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of your information passing over the Internet. In accessing this Website and in availing of any services on or via this Website you accept and are deemed to accept that your electronic dealings may not be free from interference by third parties.

It is our goal, in processing your personal and sensitive data to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. We will endeavour to ensure for instance that your data, amongst other things, is obtained only for one or more specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and is not processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes. Users should note that your data as collected may be used, as part of we quality control, to monitor this Site for the purposes of providing you with enhanced services and for our internal statistical analysis. This information may be used to help us to diagnose problems with our server and website.

How We Collect Information

Information may be collected by our Internet Service Provider (ISP) or by us for our statistical purposes when you browse through our website. In most cases we will receive very little identifying information. Typically such details will be confined to the following items:

IP address of the device through which the user accessed the internet when the Site was visited.

Any top level domain name associated with this IP address

Any username used by the visitor to access restricted areas of the Site.

Previous website address form which the Visitor reached us (to include any search terms used)

Clickstream data which shows the traffic of visitors around this web site (for example pages accessed and documents downloaded)

The type of web browser used by the website visitor.

Your Rights as a User

You have the right to be given a copy of any information held by us about you. We will provide the requested information to you on the receipt of valid request in writing.

You have the right to access our data and to have any inaccuracies in the details we hold corrected, where the information held by us is about you.  You also have the right to have the information erased if we do not have a legitimate reason for retaining that information. We will accede to any such valid requests on the receipt of a valid request in writing.