We offer a wide range of expertise in Employment Law. We have appeared before the Workplace Relations Commission, Equality Authority and dealt with both Employer and Employee Contracts and disputes. We have direct liaison and assistance with Human Resources experts and Barristers expert in the field of Employment Law. We offer very competitive rates to both Employers and Employees and represent both in the Workplace Relations Commission and Appeals to the Circuit Court.

Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following:

  • Contracts of Employment and Agreements.
  • Staff Handbooks.
  • Unfair Dismissals.
  • Organisation of working time
  • Payment of Wages Acts
  • Holidays Act
  • Appeals of Workplace Relation Commission adjudications and Labour Court decisions.
  • Enforcement of decisions/adjudications

Please contact us at:

tcummings@kirwanandkirwan.com or 053 9143020

lcloney@kirwanandkirwan.com or 053 9143020